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Shipping is limited to the U.S. Items will be shipped out 1-3 days days from the order date. 

Shipping costs depends on the weight of the items/package.

0-1 pound = $6.00

1-3 pounds = $9.75

3-5 pounds = $13

5-7 pounds = $15

7+ pounds = $17


Bullshit goes by the tag sizes given by the clothes. We do not offer measurements. Items could be smaller than stated due to outdated vintage sizing. 


If a package is sent back to us by the shipping provider, we will send it back to the customer after contacting the customer to correct their address. We will send two emails; one notifying the customer and a follow up email. If the customer does not respond to either of the emails by 4 weeks, we will resell the item ordered and the customer will no longer have claim on the item. 


The majority of our inventory are vintage and all items are secondhand.  Items are washed before shipped with the exception of wool and delicates. All items are 1/1. We offer all sizes, in all styles for all genders.


We understand the uniqueness and the difficulty of shopping at Bullshit. To make the shopping process easier, multiple orders can be consolidated and customers will be refunded for the extra shipping costs. Not everyone is eligible for consolidation. If you are eligible, you will be refunded shortly after purchase. 

Return Policy

We offer no returns as all blemishes, stains and holes are stated in the descriptions. As well as the sizes. We do not offer refunds if shipping takes longer than expected/returned back to us. We will ship it back out. Once your package is in the hands of USPS or UPS we are no longer liable for the package unless it is being returned back to us. 


Why is Bullshit ethical? 

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