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What is bullshit boutique?

Our Community:
Who's in? Who's out?



Bullshit boutique Is a community. Bullshit boutique is the hub for creativity ,activism, and fashion. Oh, and also we sell really cool clothes. Our priority is to build something people want to be a part of or to befriend. Reselling businesses, nowadays, are lifeless. Most of them are as greedy as corporate monsters. Bullshit Boutique has your best interest at heart because we are you. We are you, them, her, him. We are everyone because of our community.

We are extremely inclusive of everyone. However, there is a clear cut thick line that we draw when it comes to people who are welcomed and people who are unwelcome into this community. We do not tolerate any ignorance of any kind because if you are ignorant we do not want you buying from bullshit. Their blood money is not something we need. We want our clothes to be sold to the good people of our community. Since we believe so strongly in drawing that line here it is. I do not want any people confused if you are racist, homophobic, transphobic, colorist, classist, nationalist, a Trump supporter, a believer in blue lives or all lives matter you are not the people we want in our community or buying our clothes. Because the very actions and beliefs you participate in is harming the people we are trying to create a safe space for.

Gender Roles


There are no gender roles here at Bullshit Boutique. We don’t subject to any gender conformity nor do we represent our bullshit clothing in genders. Feminine and Masculine clothing can be worn by anyone and everyone. We want the people buying bullshit feel like all of the clothing we have are for them no matter what gender they are. We urge and suggest that people break out of their gender roles. Life is more fun that way.  

Bullshit Boutique's foundation is fashion sustainability. Sustainability is one of the most important things we as normal individuals can do to not only better the earth but better ourselves. Sustainability to us is reusing. It is thrifting, whether that be on any platform. We can not allow the fashion industry to use more textiles. Every year there are new trends that have been around for decades. People go to fast fashion outlets to have these corporate chains re-create these vintage pieces. Yet, you can find them first hand and buy them second hand. There is a toxic side to reselling fashion. There are people who price clothes that are 3X the original price. That is upsellng BULLSHIT! They prefer profits over sustainability. Anyone caught upselling bullshit clothing will be BANNED from shopping. Sustainability is a communal good when people do it right. To be fashion sustainable you have to reuse and donate. Meaning as much as you're thrifting, you have to give back to the community by donating. That is why at Bullshit we have low pricing and donate any leftover clothing to truly be fashion sustainable and to keep our Bullshit Bratz looking fresh as ever. 
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